Recommendations To Make A Good MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

After having read what this MVP is about, now you are surely wondering how you can carry it out and, above all, how to do it effectively.

Although there is no standard or default method for this, there are basic steps you must follow for the MVP to be successful. Go for it:

There are thousands of business model schemes or “canvases” that you can use to map the relevant factors to develop your MVP. Among them are the characteristics of customers, unmet needs, your value proposition, metrics, etc . This does not mean spending too much time preparing a market study, because you will surely end up modifying the content of the scheme once you have contact with customers. In addition, it is about learning about the product as quickly as possible.

We recommend that you watch the following video from Google Developers where you can see one of the schemes adopted by many entrepreneurs called ” MVP Design Canvas ” to develop their Minimum Viable Product or the following about another of the most popular models called ” Lean Canvas “.

  • IMPORTANT : It is relevant to emphasize that a Business Model is not the same as a Lean Canvas . Let’s say that a Lean Canvas is the previous step to the Business Model, since in the latter it is assumed that the solution to the market problem has already been validated, unlike the Lean Canvas where it is unknown if our hypothesis is effective or not.

Go to the street to check your canvas and evaluate the competition

Once you have your ideas defined on the canvas, it is important that you check with your target audience or potential clients if the problem you are posing and the solutions for it are really what they need . In this step you will realize that perhaps the perception you had of the market was not correct and may even lead you to obtain more ideas to pivot the business you had in mind.

In addition to chatting with future customers, consider finding out a little more about your competition now that you have a better idea of ​​the market need. Test their products, investigate what they are doing, their prices, their value proposition, so that you can differentiate yourself from them and improve your strategy.

Restructure the canvas and build your MVP

Now with all the ideas clear, you have to return to the canvas and replace what was originally written with what you have collected in your research. Take into account all the factors and identify very well what the essential function of the product / service is to make it your MVP and receive customer feedback .

Receive feedback, measure results and decide

When you launch your MVP you must be aware of the behavior of your target audience . They like me? How did they behave with the product? Are you willing to pay for it? Do you have any suggestions? What do you think can be improved about the customer experience? Measure everything you can, more with actions than opinions, and determine if you can finally continue developing the product / service or if you should stop and pivot.

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Therefore, you should play at a casino without an account

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Casino without an account – that’s how it works

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3 Ideas Of Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Green Business) + Bonus

Sustainable entrepreneurship, green business or eco-entrepreneurship has been on the rise in recent years thanks to the fact that consumers are increasingly aware of climate change and the role that human beings and companies play in it.

This increasingly growing collective consciousness has led not only businesses to comply with their corporate social responsibility (CSR) , but also the number of entrepreneurs who really want to contribute to the planet have increased.

If you are one of them and you are looking for inspiration to create your own green business, read on to discover some ideas that are already taking place around the world.

The great disadvantage of this waste is the plastic , which can take thousands of years to completely disintegrate, causing great pollution in the water and in the communities.

It is for this reason that for years there has been an attempt to promote the culture of recycling in the countries and it is in this culture that you can find various business opportunities. What we are talking about on this occasion is the construction of new products from waste or recyclable materials.

Take advantage of wasted food

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 30% of all food produced for humans is wasted annually , which is equivalent to the loss of 1.3 billion tons of food and about $ 700 billion in environmental cost .

This not only means that important resources such as water, energy and land are wasted, but food is also wasted when there are almost 800 million people on the planet who do not have resources or the ability to acquire them .

Sell eco-friendly lawn and cleaning products

In general, cleaning products and fertilizers contain toxic substances for the environment, many of them are made with chemicals such as phosphates, which make algae proliferate in aquatic bodies , which alters the ecosystem and can lead to the death of fish thanks to the reduction of oxygen in the water or the intoxication of the same.

Create a green business accelerator or training company

Despite the fact that there is a trend that more and more companies want to become environmentally friendly, many have no idea of ​​the regulations they must follow to comply with their CSR and they even find it difficult to obtain financing to develop.

It is for this reason that you can contribute to the proliferation of sustainable entrepreneurship by creating an accelerator that can support these types of companies in their initial stages, provide them with the necessary knowledge and help them obtain investments to grow.